Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ten Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets-- Part 1

From the November 4, 2013, Yahoo! Autos, Popular Mechanics by Phil Berg. A Bad Thing That Can Happen to You While Driving. Richard Diampnd of the Washington Times really hates speeding tickets ever since he got his first one at age 16 and he's been fighting them ever since. He says, "The motorist is a source of revenue." Some 54% of all tickets given out are still for speeding. //// These are his tips to avoid 'em: // 1. If traffic suddenly slows, there is a reason. Usually a cop. // 2. Be ready for anything. There are moving and stationary radar and speed carmeras. In Vermont, all officers have to do is guess how fast you're going and it will hold up in court. // 3. Keep a low profile. Don't call attention to yourself. A minivan is less likely to be watched than a Ferrari. //// I'd like to add a few at this point. Keep an eye in the rearview mirror as they can come up behind you. Plus, if you see the people behind you slowing down, there is probably a cop back there. Never be the fastest car out there. If you are constantly passing cars and no one has passed you in awhile, slow down. If the trucks slow down, you'd best do so as well. //// Of course, as I get older, I don't drive as fast as I am usually not in a big hurry to get there plus slower speed saves gas. //// Those Things Are Expensive, Plus Don't Help Your License. --RoadDog

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