Monday, November 11, 2013

Points On the Map-- Part 1: Geographic Center of Lower United States

From the July 21-27, 2013 American Profile Magazine "Points on the Map: Searching for America's significant, historic and quirky landmarks" by Carol Crupper. //// "Man-made boundaries sometimes make for interesting landmarks. American Profile looks at five unique points on the U.S. map." 1. GEOGRAPHIC CENTER OF THE CONTIGUOUS UNTED STATES: A trapezoidal stone structure with plaque two miles northwest of Lebanon, Kansas. (pop. 218) marks this point. This is the georgraphic center of the Lower 48 states and is marked by a ten-foot high monument (climbing on it is forbidden, however). //// A 1918 survey established the spot and in 1941, civil leaders in Lebanon donated money and labor to build the monument figuring it would be good for tourism. In a case of build it and they will come, even before the movie, tourists began arriving. //// And, they're ot just from the U.S. They've also had a Japanese game show as well as an "X-Men" movie film crew. //// One Dowm, Four to Go. --RoadDog

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