Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NC Bound Thanksgiving 2013-- Part 3: Huntley, Testicles and Stark's Corner

NOVEMBER 21ST, THURSDAY: ///// Almost unbelievably, road construction in Huntley, Illinois, is, at least temporarily, completed. It has been torn up at the tollway along Il-47 for much of this past year. Now, you have to worry about the multitude of stoplights where if you hit one, you hit 'em all. Of course, it shouldn't be long before construction starts again. Finished just in time for the annual turkey testicle festival at the Park Inn downtown. This is a long-standing party taking place every Wednesday before Thanksgiving, another reason for turkeys to hate the holiday. //// Stopped at Stark's Corner by Il-47 and US-20 south of Huntley. This has been a gas station for a long time, but the original structures have been torn down and non-descript modern buildings built. They are also usually the most expensive gas on 47 and were at $3.30. "Gambling has come to Stark's Corner!!" Those video slot machines that are popping up in pretty much every bar in the state are also at Stark's now. I didn't, of course, play. I did buy a pack of Sabritones chile and lime chips. I really love those and this is the only place I've ever seen them. //// Beer and Testicles Tonight in Huntley. --RoadDog

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