Saturday, November 9, 2013

NIU Homecoming 2013-- Part 3

Once checked into the Best Western on Lincoln Highway (Il-38) we immediately went next door to Fatty's to see if they had new NIU Football 2013 mugs. The parking lot was jammed, so decided to try again later. //// But, a wrong attempt to get into the parking area at the Convocation Center and we found ourselves again passing Fatty's so this time parked at another hotel and Liz walked over. They were charging $5 to get in, but let her go in when she said we were just there to get mugs. They had them and now they are on our kitchen counter with ones from the last two years. //// We had a parking place in the preferred area by the Barsema Alumni Center and had no problem with this attempt at parking. The NIU alumni tents were right there as well. //// We stopped at the Barsema Center and found the author of the new "NIU Football" book was there to sell and autograph copies of it. It was just printed a few months ago and definitely comes at the right time as these are the best years of Huskie football since we went to Division 1A. We had had great success in the early 50s and 60s, but not much until Joe Novak took over the program in the 90s and built the success we have today. //// These Are Great Times to Be a Huskie Fan (and believe me, we went through some mighty hard times before we got here). -- RoadDog

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