Friday, August 30, 2013

One Last Chance to Do the Summer of 1973

This Sunday, September 1st, Bob Stroud closes out his four-part trip back 40 years ago to the summer of '73. These will be songs on your radio and in your record collection from back then. /// This will take place between 7 AM and 10, Central, and streams live at That would be 97.1 FM WDRV, The Drive in Chicago. Well worth a listen if you're from that era. /// Liz and I listened to cassette tapes from the first three shows all the way out to Galena, Illinois, and back these last four days as we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. /// In addition, today, Stroud will be going back to 1972 on his Ten at Ten show at 10 AM (and 10 PM). /// Brings Back the Memories. --RoadDog

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