Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sticking Around Here: The Vietnam Wall-- Part 2

Continued from the July 27th entry SATURDAY, JULY 20TH. After leaving the classic boat show at Famous Freddie's in Fox Lake, we drove over to McHenry and visited the traveling Vietnam Wall at the VFW on Il-120. Our friend Jerry "Mayor of Tom's Cafe" and gung-ho Marine had told us about it. We had seen it once before on one of our trips along Route 66 and I had seen the real one in D.C. a couple times. The wall always caused me reflection about all those names and all the things left at its base in memory of people on it. No charge, but donations accepted, which I was glad to give. This is a war that had deep impact on me as it was one I never thought would end. It started when I entered junior high, went through that and all of high school and essentially all of college. And, with a draft lottery number of 22, I was going. Fortunately, the war ended for the U.S. before I got out of college in '73. Thanks VFW.

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