Monday, August 26, 2013

Winning Weiner-- Part 4

SCOTTY'S, ROUND LAKE BEACH (Four hot dog rating) "Best value by far, fries come with the dogs for only $2.80. The bun was a tad too long and too doughy. But the dog was cooked to perfection, if that is possible./// After all, can anyone really screw up cooking a hot dog? Extra points for having cucumber and sauerkraut as some of the toppings."/// Living in Round Lake Beach for 17 years, we ate there many times. It is possibly the oldest place in their survey, opening back in the 60s. And, mighty small in size, but there are picnic tables outside./// I've had the hot dogs, but usually get the Polish sausage. Very, very greasy, but delicious./// --RoadDog

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