Saturday, August 24, 2013

Winning Weiner-- Part 2

Cintinued frim July 27th. These were ranked as the Top Dogs in Lake County, Illinois, by the Lake County Journal. And, I have eaten at the Top Three./// #1 FRATELLO'S, VOLO-- (Given Five Dogs) Even more impressive, the place started right here in Lake County. "The bun was soft, tasty and fresh with the important element: poppy seeds. The dog was hot with soft meat inside. The twisted ends gave it a classic ballpark look."/// If cars in the parking lot are any indicator, especially on the weekends, this is a top spot. The folks driving US-12 to either the Chain of Lakes or Wisconsin sure know it. I haven't eaten there for many years and will have to get back./// Eatin' Them Dogs. --RoadDog

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