Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our First, Stormy Trip on Route 66-- Part 1

The story about the two guys in 1946 reminds me of our first experience on Route 66.

I'm sure we'd been on Route 66 before. Back in 1967, my family drove out to California and came back on what probably was Route 66. After graduating from high school, that summer, Liz and I and a couple friends drove from Palatine to Springfield on what probably had to be Route 66 or, at least part of it as I-55 was coming into existence at the time.

But back then, it was just another road.

We were both teachers, and, in 2002, I had gotten ahold of a book on Route 66 at school and decided I'd like to try it. We normally went to Florida over Spring Break, but this year, I had been too slow to get air fares and by the time I checked, they were way too expensive.

Hey, why not take a trip on Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis and maybe points farther west?

Well, that's what we thought.

Next, Fun and Sliding on I-55. --RoadDog

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