Friday, January 8, 2010

Iowa's White Pole Road-- Part 3

A book has been written "Reflexions Along the White Pole Road" which mentions that there are 700 painted poles along the 26-mile-stretch that has been recreated. Also, you can find sites dealing with Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde and President Truman.

Casey, Iowa, has a population of 478 and, besides Slayton's Rock, is noted for quite a few antique stores. Slayton's Rock is one of Iowa's largest, fully-exposed glacial deposits.

Of interest or rock as well, between Casey and Stuart you will find Freedom Rock a little ways off the road. Pictures of this rock have made their way around the internet many times since a young local artist began painting this rock annually with patriotic themes around Memorial Day. First paintings were done in 1999.

You can go to the site for annual pictures of it.

Getting Some Kicks on the WPR. --RoadDog

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