Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009 Trip to North Carolina-- Part 8-- Coming Home

When I'm on the road, I always try to stop at new places to play NTN. I ended up at four places on this trip, all returning home. I don't get to play a lot while in Goldsboro as no one else in the family plays there. Plus, at this time, no place has it.

I visited two places in West Virginia the night before. I hit two today in Brownsburg, Indiana, west of Indianapolis, off I-74.

I found the first one with GPS and the NTN sitefinder. Quarter Mile Pub is just off I-74. I asked the bartender how the place got its name and she wasn't sure. I thought perhaps because it was a quarter mile off the interstate. She said that the logo had a race car on it (and, of course, it is not too far from Speedway. Indy 500, you know.)

Looks like good food, but I had already eaten.

Apparently, they just had gotten NTN as the top Players Plus score was 125,000.

I had a much bigger problem finding Tripp's which was north of I-74, not south as it was shown on the sitefinder. Plus, it came up incorrectly on the GPS. After driving around a lot, I finally had to stop at a service station to find out where it was.

It was just a short distance off the interstate, but a bit hard to find parking outside. The first place was more of a sports bar. Tripp's is more of a locals hangout. Even the guy who dominated the board was named NOORMM.

They have drink specials and 25 cent specials on hot dogs, shrimp, tacos during the week. It is close to the Applebees.

Both places are very close to each other and located in small strip malls.

Cruisin' Down da Roads and Playing NTN. --RoadDog

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