Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Short History of Carl Fisher

Also from the Feb. 17th East Hampton and Southampton Press.

Carl Fisher was born in Greenburg, Indiana, in 1874 and lived in poverty with his family. Always the businessman, he opened a bicycle shop and later one of the first automobile dealerships in Indianapolis.

He got a design for auto headlights and founded the Prest-O-Lite Company and when he sold it, he became a millionaire.

he then built the Indianapolis Speedway and, in 1913, started the Lincoln Highway connecting the east and west coasts. Soon after, his Dixie Highway connected the US north and south.

While visiting Miami, he bought swampland to the east, cleared and dredged 200 acres and built hotels, shops and night clubs. In 1915, Miami Beach was incorporated.

By 1925, Mr. Fisher was worth $20 million.

Then, Montauk.

Quite the Guy, This Carl Fisher. --RoadDog

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