Saturday, March 14, 2009

Neat, But Too Rich for Me-- Bluffton, SC

An article in the January 30, 2009, USA Today, about Bluffton, South Carolina, which is referred to as one of the oldest second-home destinations in the US. And now, it is becoming MORE of a bargain, if you call $600,000, or $459,995 a bargain.

As nearby Hilton Head built up, the one-square mile Bluffton realized money was to be made, and began incorporating nearby areas and now there are 54 square miles. Population has grown from 400 to about 15,000.

Our economic woes have dropped prices on lots and homes.


OLD TOWN-- the original square mile town by the river.

PALMETTO BLUFF-- over 20,000 acres, low-density, and only 2,900 homes allowed for the very rich. Home sites begin at $300,000 and homes run from $1.19 million to $4.95 million. Now we know where all those hedge fund operators, investment bankers and stock market folks bought their second homes.

HAMPTON HALL-- probably the most affordable with homes going from $400,00 to $800,000. Still TOO much.

Definitely the LAND OF THE RICH FOLKS.
OF INTEREST-- In 1844, "The Bluffton Movement" started as a protest against Federal taxes and that led to the secession movement and South Carolina became the first state to leave the Union before the Civil War.

Way Too Much Dough for Me. --RoadDog

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