Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did Our Route 66 Thing

Always good to get back on Route 66, regardless of how many times we've driven it and we have done the stretch between Dwight and Springfield many, many times, and that stretch to St. Louis a lot as well.

Thursday, it took a bit longer to get to Dwight thanks to our catching just about every possible stoplight imaginable. I figure we lost about twenty minutes waiting.

Took the 66 bypass around Dwight, remarking how disappointed we are that Smaterjax (old Fedderson's) did away with all the automotive stuff inside, especially that complete set of Illinois license plates from the 1020s to 1980s all with the same numbers and letters. That was impressive. We would have eaten lunch there, but not anymore.

Took the old alignment through Odell. Liz especially likes the tunnel. No one was at the Standard station.

Pontiac has a lot of new signage for all the 66 alignments, one goes right through the square. Unfortunately, the Downtowner Motel is still closed. There is a new Lincoln statue with him leaning up against a fence by that magnificent court house which gets my vote for most impressive courthouse along Route 66.

More Mothering Coming. --RoadDog

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