Monday, September 17, 2007

The Lincoln Log-- News of the Lincoln Highway

One way business owners used to get people to get off the old roads and into their business was to construct a unique structure that would catch people's attention. I know for a fact that I'm a sucker for these places. See one, and a pulling-over I go.

Along the old Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania there was the 2 and a half story Koontz Koffee Pot in Bedford and the York building that replicates an ankle high shoe. These have been getting motorists to stop for decades.

They are built for just that purpose. Now, Olga Herbert is asking some 20 architects to get in a similar mindset using their creativity in devising an updated master site plan for the Lincoln Highway Corridor Experience to be built on a six acre property at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 259 in Ligonier Township. In short, she is looking for something quirky.

There will be three phases in the $1.85 million project which will include an existing filling station, two 1938 tourist cabins, and a 1938 diner that will be moved to the site. There will also be a visitors center. I assume this is one of the things Herbert wants to be quirky.

They are also looking for any Lincoln Highway artifacts. You can call Olga at 724-238-9030.

I would recommend the visitors center to be made to look like the famous Ship restaurant since it is no longer exists.

The More Quirky, the Better. --RoadQuirk

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