Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Most Beautiful and Charming Towns in Illinois-- Part 1

From the Only in Your State site "Here Are the Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns in Illinois" by Laura Meli.  More information and pictures accompany her article.

1.  GALENA--"The Town That History Forgot."  Liz and I had our honeymoon there back in August '73.  A perfect choice for #1.

2.  MOUNT CARROLL--  "The New England of the Midwest"

3.  FULTON--  Dutch roots.  Windmill on the levee.  Lincoln Highway and Mississippi River.

4.  MORRIS--  Illinois River, the I&M Canal,  Illinois Highway 47.  This is our preferred road to avoid the Chicago hassle so we go through town often.

5.  GREENVILLE--  One of the state's oldest communities.  On the National Road.


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