Thursday, September 3, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- July 2015: Pontiac and Lebanon

Taken from Route 66 News blog which has much more information and pictures.

JULY 11TH--  Pontiac, Illinois, to get a 79 room Hampton Inn partly because of the surge in Route 66 tourism.    Besides that great court house, there are all those museums and murals.

JULY 12TH--  Lebanon, Missouri, has proposed a $500,000 Route 66 Park to be located at the southwest corner of the park bordered by Elm Street (Route 66).  It will feature a Route 66-themed shelter and a recreation of the Dream Village fountain.  There will also be three Route 66 murals.

Nelson Dream Village was built in 1931 on Route 66 with its large and striking fountain along with 12 cabins.  It closed not long after the completion of the I-44 bypass.  However, it is thought that the park board will reject it.

I hope not as I really would like to see that fountain.


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