Thursday, September 17, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- August 2015: Springfield Featured

AUGUST 6--   Springfield, Illinois, mayor ends up with the Bel-Aire Motel's seal.  He paid $2,500 for the 8,000 pound statue of a seal which once stood near the motel's pool.  He is not sure what he will do with it, though.  A photo of the motel in better days accompanies the article.

AUGUST 7--  A Tree Grows in Galena, Kansas.  Pieter Hoff hopes to get trees to grow in Galena.  lead mining has seriously tainted the soil.  Galena could sure use some trees.

AUGUST 9--  Discover America touts Springfield, Illinois.  You can upload several nicely-done videos about Route 66 in Springfield.  They feature the Route 66 International Mother Road Festival which has been held since 2002 and will happen again September 25-27... The Cozy Dog, Chili Parlor and the Lincoln Museum.  Wonder if there will be anything about the famous horseshoe sandwiches.

Liz and I really like Springfield and we ever have to move from here because of property taxes. that's a good possibility for a move.


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