Wednesday, September 16, 2015

N.C. Trip Summer 2015-- Part 11

July 22-30.

We stayed a day in Goldsboro on the 22nd and I was able to get to Target and K-Mart, neither store is anywhere near us in northeast Illinois now.  I also had my other places to stop as well as a meal at McCall's out on the US-70 bypass for their bbq and Calabash shrimp buffet.

Mom and I went out to the townhouse in Topsail Beach on Thursday, July 23 and came back on Tuesday the 28th.  A very relaxing time spent on the deck and out at the beach.  Most mornings I would drive to the Jolly Roger Pier and buy the Wilmington Star-News, one of my favorite newspapers.

A Beach Lad, Well, Old Beach Lad.  --RoadDog

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