Friday, September 18, 2015

N.C. Trip Summer 2015-- Part 14: Fort Fisher, Selling and Flying the Flag

The speaker made many good points about Braxton Bragg.  he had good reasons for defending the much-hated general.  One thing he said was that Fort Fisher was a no-win situation.  Bragg was going to lose regardless of what he did in the defense of the fort.  I took notes and will eventually get around to writing about his talk in my Civil War Navy Blog, Running the Blockade.

Afterwards, I walked around the museum and saw quite a few new exhibits which I will also write about in the Navy Blog.  I am glad to see that Fort Fisher State Historic Site has not fallen to the current politically-correct vendetta against any and all things Confederate, especially dealing with the Confederate Flag.

The Confederate Flag still flew outside the museum, although at half mast for the U.S. service men murdered in Tennessee.  It was also up inside the museum and the store had Confederate Flags for sale.  I did notice that they were out of the so-called battle flag (actually the Navy Jack).  They did have the three National Flags.

There were several black families inside and outside and they didn't seem upset or offended by the flag.


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