Thursday, September 17, 2015

N.C. Trip Summer 2015-- Part 13: Fort Fisher: Huge Impact On My Life

July 25, 2015

Fully filled with those tasty objects, we drove the several miles to my all-time favorite historical place, Fort Fisher.  It was this fort that got me interested in the Civil War and then history in general.  It certainly had an impact on my life starting when I was seven years old.

We were going there because the Friends of Fort Fisher were having a speaker come in and the topic was Confederate General Braxton Bragg.  This man is now much-liked for some some reason.  Many regard him as a  royal loser who had a horrible way of dealing with people.

I talked to the speaker before the presentation and told him it was too bad that Whiting had died from during his time as a prisoner.  had he survived, there might have been even a duel between Whiting and Bragg.  Whiting absolutely hated Bragg.  The presenter told me he was going to present information that might change my mind on Bragg and even get me to question Whiting's abilities.

I admire Gen. W.H.C. Whiting, but already knew he had his own faults.


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