Thursday, September 24, 2015

N.C. Summer Trip 2015-- Part 18: US-421 and Big Daddy's

After visiting "The Rocks" and Battery Buchanan, Mom and I got back on US-421.  "The Rocks" and battery mark the southern terminus of US-421 and there is a sign saying this is the beginning of 421.  I wish every terminus of every road would have one of these.  The other side of the sign says end of US-421.

I have driven this road all the way from its northern terminus in Michigan City, Indiana, at US-20 to "The Rocks."  It is especially pretty from Madison, Indiana, on the Ohio River to Richmond, Kentucky.  Then you get all the mountain driving you could ever want.

We drove back to Kure Beach and stopped at Big Daddy's Seafood Restaurant, which has a marker saying it was the landing site for the first attack on Fort Fisher.  The place has been there at least since the 1940s.  They had a fish and shrimp lunch special dinners for $12 each.  Not only was it good, but plentiful as we had enough left over for a great lunch the next day..

Driving and Feasting.  --RoadDog

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