Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lincoln Highway in DeKalb County, Illinois, to Be Beautified in 1915

From the July 22, 2015, Sycamore (Ill.) Midweek, Looking Back.

On this date back in 1915:  A 'beauty squad" consisting of landscape architects connected with the Lincoln Highway visited the county last Saturday on a tour of inspection by automobile along the Lincoln Highway and to assist various communities in their efforts to make the great highway attractive.

Effort will be made to impress upon the people that the time has passed in the development of the county where our efforts should be devoted exclusively to acquiring wealth, and that the wealth that we have acquired can be devoted to great advantage and increase the value of property and add to the happiness of people by beautifying by intelligent and united effort the private grounds, the farms and the roadside.

The party then drove to the mile of concrete road which has been constructed west of Malta village.  Effort will be made to beautify the sides of this road.


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