Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spring Break and Me

I should go on record right now, I am also not a fan of spring break, at least spring break with college (or worse, high school) students.  I also do not like the way all rates in Florida get jacked up starting in March.

I only went on one spring break while in college when a fraternity brother and we drove down to Daytona Beach.  I did go to one in 1986 as a getaway from winter.  Sadly, when I got there, there was a heat wave in the Chicago area and temperatures were about the same in both places.

This last trip was when I realized I was too old for those college kids at age 35.  Definitely out of place.  Plus, I had enough of the urine and vomit smells to last me a lifetime.

Now we go to Florida most years, especially the panhandle (Central Time Zone), but get out of there by February 28th when rates go up and college kids start arriving.  The place we stay at in Panama City Beach has our room at $55 a night (right on the beach) until March 1st, when it JUMPS to $150!!

No amount of sunburn is worth that.

Looking for the Warm.  --RoadDog

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