Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Groundhog Days in Woodstock-- Part 7: Wayne's Lanes-- The Case of the Mysterious Ball

Wayne's Lanes had kind of a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  This was not the name of the bowling alley back when the movie was made.  The present owners has had the place for about ten years.  It only has eight lanes of bowling and the place isn't much wider.

Well, I ordered a beer and DID NOT drink to world peace.  That was filmed in the nearby jailhouse building which has been turned into a restaurant.  The place was crowded and every lane had bowlers as the Woodstock High School bowling team had an event where you could bowl two games and get pizza and pop for $15.

I haven't bowled for years and didn't begin today.

I did watch one real little girl (about four or five) whose ball would take what seemed forever to get down the lane and would just barely nudge the pins (one of which had a groundhog on it as did her bowling ball.  I wondered how the ball went from side to side of the alley and figured perhaps it had something to do with some sort of slow spin she had on her release, which was more of a push.

It was after awhile before I noticed the rails on her lane.

That would answer a lot.

I Am Easily Entertained.  --RoadDog

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