Monday, February 16, 2015

Murder in DeKalb Seven Years Ago-- Part 1

This past Friday, February 13th, Liz and I weer sitting at K.C.'s Cabin in Spring Grove, Illinois, having breakfast when it suddenly occurred to me that this was the place we were at on that day seven years ago, February 14, 2008, when we first learned of the murders that had taken place at DeKalb at our Northern Illinois University.

At the time, we were having a Valentine's meal on that Tuesday when we noticed on TV that there was a picture of the NIU campus.  Our first thought was that it was great to get some publicity for our often overlooked school.  Then, we saw the horrible reason why they were showing the campus.  (The sound was not on at the time.)

They turned the sound up.  We had a friend going back to school at the campus.  Another couple ithe pace gasped and said their daughter is a student there.  We heard that several had been killed.  We worried about our friend and the other couple tried to call their daughter but couodn't get through at first.  Later they did and found out she was alright.  Our friend, it turns out, had just been in Cole Hall where the murders took place, just a short time before the event took place.

A Horrible St. Valentine's.

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