Monday, February 23, 2015

In Chicago, "Dibs" Means HANDS OFF!!! Park Not Here!!

From the Feb. 12, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Chicago to start removing dibs markers this week."

"City crews this week will begin removing the household flotsam and jetsam that Chicagoans have been using to try to call dibs (MINE) on parking spots since a blizzard dumped more than 19-inches of snow on the area."

For decades, Chicagoans have been putting out chairs, dresser drawers and any other junk they have to mark parking spaces along the streets that they have hand-cleared of snow.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel has endorsed the Chicago tradition of Dibs after the blizzard, saying he believes it to be "sweat equity."

And, woe be to the person who parks in a "dibbed" parking space.  Angry confrontations have taken place.  I even heard of one "illegally parked vehicle in a dibbed spot" being blown up.

So, if you're from out of town visiting after a snowfall and looking for a non $10 an hour parking space and go ahead and park in a "dibbed" spot, beware of the infamous Chicago ire.

Whether You know Dibs or Not.  -RoadDog

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