Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 "Groundhog Days", Woodstock-- Part 5: Woodstock Theatre

No eating at the site of the Tip-Top Cafe for me and now the puddle has  been filled in with landscaping, but marked with a plaque, so I turned the corner by the restaurant, looked down the street at the marquee of the Woodstock Theatre.

The Woodstock Theatre was converted into the Alpine Theater in the movie, and can be seen when the TV van pulls into "Punxsutawney" and when Bill Murray did his best Clint Eastwood "Bronco Billy" impression with his French maid date at the ticket window.  They have remodeled the theater extensively and expanded to many screens.  Unfortunately, they removed the old outside ticket window.

Earlier today, January 31st, the theatre had had a free showing of the "Groundhog Day" movie.  I was too late for it, but got to see Jim May tell his stories.  Now, i saw they were showing a movie that I had been wanting to see, "Imitation Games."  It is about the cracking of the German Enigma Code during World War II and has been nominated for a lot of  Academy Awards.

I had wanted to see it at my Fox Lake Theatre, but that had stopped showing it.  Now was my chance, so I saw the movie.  It was every bit as good as I thought.

This Is Actually the First Best Movie Nominee I've Seen, Despite Seeing 80 Movies in 2014.  --RoadDog

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