Sunday, February 1, 2015

Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois: Sonrise Donuts

Same source as earlier entry.

Photo of famous sign by the author.  I never caught the words "Famous For" on the sign.

"Sonrise Donuts and Coffee Bar opened on South Grand Avenue in the 1940s by Mr. Figura.  It was said to be the first donut place in Springfield to also offer a coffee bar.  Don Greenslade was an employee, and when Figura moved Sonrise to 1101 South Ninth Street, Greenslade went along, eventually buying the business.

"After Greenslade died, Bob Carter purchased the business and building.  It now houses Gibby's Orbits, featuring donuts and a dinner menu."

I love that sign and am glad it is left up even though the name of the place is different.  I wonder if it works.  The place is often out of business so anytime he catch it open, stop in for a bit of Route 66 history.  We were lucky enough to get to eat breakfast there once.


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