Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Groundhog Days in Woodstock-- Part 3: The Pig Who Came Home on Sunday

The Home State Bank is in the old Woodstock post office, located just off the square.  During the filming of the movie, it was used for extras.

Jim May's retelling of the Three Little Pigs was titled "The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday."  The three little pigs wanted to move out of the house and all were told they could by their mother, except she expected them to come home and visit her every Sunday.

The first one moved out and was tricked by the sly fox to build his home out of straw which the pig did, but got eaten by the hungry fox.  Same thing happened to the second little pig (even though he built his home of wood).  The third built his out of bricks and when the fox saw that he couldn't blow the home down, he tried to trick his way into the third pig's house, but the pig got him to hide in a butter churn and the fox sure churned his lesson.

Then, Jim May told a not-so-scary ghost story where the ghost said, "I am the Ghost of Mable's table and the Gold Stays on the Table."

Woodstock Willie made an appearance at the end of the presentation.

Guess I'm Still a Kid, But I Enjoyed the Stories.  --RoadDog

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