Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Murder in DeKalb Seven Years Ago-- Part 3

From the Feb. 15, 2015, Northwest Herald (McHenry County, Illinois) "Bells toll on anniversary of NIU campus shooting."

"I heard on the news that there had been a shooting, but I didn't really think twice about it," Gary Parmenter said.  "Then I received a phone call from the hospital."

On February 14, 2008, Kishwaukee Community Hospital notified him that his son Daniel had been injured in the shooting.  Seven years ago, Gary Parmenter received a phone call that changed his life forever.  His son Daniel was pronounced dead later that day.

"That was the day the world stopped.  I lost my son, and we lost five students.  Each year, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  Instead, we honor the memory of my son and all five of those students that died that day.

At 3:06, the moment of the shootings, bells rang across the campus.

A Sad Day.

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