Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Groundhog Days, Woodstock-- Part 6: Wayne's Lanes-- In the Movie

Since I was by the bowling alley shown in the movie, I decided to walk the short distance and cross Ill-120, to it.

In the movie, this was where Bill Murray was drinking with the two guys from the Tip-Top Cafe and where one said to Bill that he saw the beer glass as half empty instead of being half full as an outlook on life.  Then, they went outside the bowling alley and had problems getting into the car.  One was so drunk, Murray said, "Do you want to throw up in the car or here?"  The guy replied, "I think...both."

They get into a discussion and Bill says, "What if there were no r."  One of the guys says, "Then we could do anything we wanted to."  Bill agrees

The other guy tries to drive and was too drunk and so Murray gets behind the wheel and that is when they lead the police on that merry chase through Woodstock and knock over garbage cans.  They try to escape by getting on the railroad tracks and driving along them, encounter an oncoming train and veer off just in time.

They then crash into the parking lot and destroy the groundhog sign.  That is when Murray orders food when the cops come to the car.  They get arrested and the next day, Murray wakes up in his B&B room like none of that happened.

Stuck in Woodstock Again.  --RoadDog

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