Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Toronto Star's Trip on 66 Blog

Canada's Toronto Star is taking a trip on Route 66 this week and just posted Day 2 where they drove from Cuba, Missouri, to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They had to drive from Miami, Oklahoma, to Tulsa in the dark, though, so missed a lot of neat stuff.  (At night, I get off Route 66 except through towns as you really can't see much.)

The day before, they did a quick drive through Illinois to Cuba (also a mistake).  Most recently, they drove through Devil's Elbow and were impressed with the four lane stretch through Hooker Cut (which is my absolute favorite part of Route 66).

They weren't too impressed with Kansas, but did take a picture of "Mater" in Galena, but made no mention of the "Four Women on the Route" business. They were less impressed with Galena, but say it is making a comeback.

Check It Out.  --RoadDog

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