Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Missouri's Route 66-- Part 2

Suggested stops:

TED DREWE'S FROZEN CUSTARD in Sr. Louis for the concretes or anything ice creamy.  Since 1929.  Don't let the long lines deter you.  They are very fast.  6726 Chippewa Sr.

MUSEUM OF TRANSPORTATION in at 2967 Barrett Street.  You can see part of the original famous Coral Courts Motel and a jalopy much like that which the Joad family might have driven to the "Promised Land." in the movie "Grapes of Wrath."  It was Steinbeck who first called 66 "The Mother Road."

MERAMEC CAVERNS in Stanton  One of 66's oldest attractions with lots and lots and lots of signs on the way including on barns.  They used to give away/place bumper stickers on your vehicle.

MURALS in Cuba which bills itself as "Mural City."  There are twelve and the town once boasted as having the only stoplight between St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri.  One mural is painted on a 1932 filling station.  Bette Davis came to Cuba in 1948 with a gentleman friend.  A local reporter snapped their picture and the "friend" gave chase."  ( I didn't know about these two things.)

WAGON WHEEL MOTEL in Cuba.  On NRHP and oldest continually operating motel on the road.  It has just been spiffed up.  (We still want to stay there as we once did before its spiffing up and tat was quite an  experience.)

My Favorite Route 66 Stretch Is Missouri.  --RoadDog

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