Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cold Ahead: N.C. T-Giving Trip 2014-- Part 2: WJEZ and DeKalb Corn

November 20, 2014:

Gas prices continued to fall as I drove south on Illinois Highway 47.  Gas at Stark's Corner and the Mobil station on Il=38 in Elburn are usually the highest along Il-47, which is expensive in the northern stretch of Il.-47.  Gas at Stark's was $3 and Elburn was actually $2.97!!

Yorkville's stretch of 47 is still torn up with a major road construction project.  It took considerably longer to get through it as I was stuck behind a truck.  It sure will be nice when they get it finished, but right now, it is absolutely no fun.

South of Yorkville, I began picking up WJEZ in Pontiac, 98.9 FM.  I enjoyed hearing a commercial for DeKalb Corn.  This is our corn company since it used to be based in DeKalb, Illinois, home of Northern Illinois University where we went to school.  We always enjoy seeing those signs out in the fields.  For some reason, they used to disappear from those fields back in our school days.  We have a sign in our garage, but it was one I bought from the company.  I never took one.


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