Saturday, November 15, 2014

Road Music-- Part 3: Joe Nichols Greatest Hits

I have to have some country when cruising down the road.  This was it.

Joe Nichols bridges the gap between today's "Bro'" country male performers and the much older ones.   performers out these days,  has had seven albums and fourteen Top Ten singles.  His first album, self-titled was Joe Nichols in 1996.

All of his top hits are here, including #1s: Broken Heartsville, Tequila makes her Clothes Fall Off and Gimme That Gin.

I especially liked his "What's a Guy Gotta Do," "Size Matters" and "It Ain't No Crime."  These hit #14, #7 and #16 respectively.

As Joe Says in Broken Heartsville, "Here's to the Past, They Can Kiss My Glass."  Though, I doubt he sings those exact words in concert.


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