Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cold Ahead, N.C. 2014 Trip-- Part 3: "Heat Wave" More WJEZ and Less WHHP

It was 15 degrees when I left Spring grove this morning.  And, it had risen to a "balmy" 25 degrees by the time I got to Dwight, on good old Route 66.  There were flashing lights on at the railroad crossing where Route 66 and Il.-47 split.  I waited awhile. but saw nothing coming so, like everyone else, proceeded carefully through it.  I have seen a train hit a car before and sure gained a new respect for train crossings.  As such, the folks behind me weren't happy, but I don't take chances.

As I drove through Dwight, WJEZ put on a great Route 66 tune, the Eagles' "Take It Easy."  You know, "Standing On the Corner in Winslow, Arizona."

WJEZ has live deejays, which I like as I am no big fan of the "canned music" so many stations use instead of real folks.

Further south on Il-47. I tuned into 98.1 FM. WHHP, another favorite that features blues and Americana music out of Farmer City, Illinois.  Sadly, it is now WHP and a classic rock station and it sounds like it is probably canned.  I like classic rock, but we sure lost a unique station.


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