Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Road Work Ahead, 2014 N.C. Trip- Part 33: Oh No, Beautiful Music

I must admit to feeling that I need to tune away from WHHP FM (blues, bluegrass and Americana music) out of Farmer City, Illinois, these days to listen to 106.3 WGCY out of Gibson City. I have been doing this the last several times after driving by the station.  They say they play "Beautiful Music" something I'm not too keen on, but, so help me, I sure enjoy it now.  Must be an age thing.

They played the not-so-beautiful "Louie, Louie," but then, there I was sing along to "Guantanamera" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix."  And the last one was one of those light strings arrangements. I'm doing that right now for some reason, despite listening to the Drive's A to Z on 97.1 FM right now.

Then came "Come to Me Baby" by the Beach Boys and "Rhinestone Cowboy," this time by the real Glen Campbell.

This is a weak station and I was soon out of range and went back to WHHP.  And, you'd sure expect to hear a show like the Mid-Day Farm Market Report out of a radio station in Farmer City.

Continuing north I saw all of the windmills at the huge wind farm by Odell were stopped.  I've never seen them all stopped at once.

Tunes and the Road Just Go Together.  --RoadDog

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