Monday, May 19, 2014

Road Music: NC Spring Trip-- Part 2

DRINKS AFTER WORK--  TOBY KEITH:  Definitely one of my favorite country performers as I have most, if not all of his CDs.  I especially like the title track.  Other good ones are "Last Living Cowboy," "Shut Up and Hold On" and "Hard Way to Make An Easy Living.."

As usual, Toby wrote all the songs but one.  The guy's got talent.

SUNSHINE & WHISKEY--  FRANKIE BALLARD:  Young, really rowdy country music.  Lots of drinking songs like the title track, "Drinky Drink," "Sober Me Up" and "Don't Tell Mama I Was Drinking."  This last song was quite the sad one.

Cruisin' and Listenin'.  --RoadDog

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