Friday, May 30, 2014

Indy 500 2014-- Part 3: Party on Main Street

We walked several blocks over to Main Street in Speedway.  There is a town of Speedway right by the race track.  When I was there to meet friends and tour the Indy 500 museum and take a ride around the track several years back, Speedway's downtown section was more than a little down at the tooth, but I had heard that major renovation was planned.  It is definitely in the process right now.

There is a lot of redevelopment and new businesses opening.  We decided to go to a new one called Barbecue and Bourbon, where they were setting up to have an outside party, complete with food, beer and a group  called Abbey Something Band.  Nothing much finer than a band and drinks outside on a beautiful day, especially with all the Indy 500 stuff going on in the area.

I went into the roped off area (and had to show my ID at one day shy of age 63!).  For some reason, Sue and Paul did not have their IDs (they are around 58), but were told they could go into the bar even without IDs.  It made us wonder if that was a rule for outside parties in Speedway.

Sue and Paul were not happy, so after a couple songs by the band, we left and walked over to Dawson's, about a block away.

Has the Party Started Yet?  --RoadDog

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