Monday, May 12, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 5: Stark's Corner, Illinois

MARCH 23RD:  A short distance south of Huntley is Stark's Corner. It is not a town, essentially, for many, many years, it has just been a gas station and(at one time) a  little diner.  It is at the intersection of US-20 and Illinois-72.  This is a place I have been passing by for many years, starting back when I was a freshman at Northern Illinois in DeKalb, back in 1969-71, when I would drive from Palatine.

Sadly, the old station and diner were torn down and replaced by one of your standard mega-stations you see so often these days.  Anyway, Stark's Corner has the reputation of nearly always having the most expensive gas along the expensive gas Illinois-47.  Today, gas was $3.86.  As usual, the highest (well, tied for highest).

I also used to pass it a lot 1972-1973 and several times each year after that when going to homecoming and driving from Round Lake Beach.  I really passed it a lot from 1978 to 19891 while I was getting my master's degree in history from NIU.

This is handy place to stop for a  bathroom break, and, it is the only place I know of where I can get some of those great Frito-Lays Sabritones puffed wheat snack with chile and lime flavoring..  Now, those are some good driving and snacking things to eat.

I also bought a cup of pop.  I wasn't thirsty, but I still had a bit of a cold (why I didn't leave on the trip several days earlier), but needed a spit cup after I finished the drink.


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