Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 9: Ten at Ten and Snow

March 23, 2014:

Along with the great tunes, Bob Stroud always gives you interesting information on his Ten at Ten shows.  For example, in 1973 the very first cell phone call was made in New York City.  Of course, back then, it wasn't hard to get those cell phones out of your pocket or find it as they were the size of a large brick.

It was a bit strange listening to the weekend Ten at Ten, however, because there are commercials.  Mondays to Fridays, they play straight through with no commercial interruptions.

Right now, he is playing another of my favorites, "Brandy" by Looking Glass.  I don't know why, but I can always picture what is going on in this story song.  And, try to listen to it and not sing along.  It just doesn't happen with me.  Gotta sing.

Most snow is gone here south of Spring Grove in Illinois, except I still see piles of it on the sides of Il-47.  That horrible white stuff which we saw way too much of these past four months is no longer on the fields (though we still have it around home).


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