Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 2: Music

March 23, 2014:  No cruise for me is a cruise unless I'm listening to music--no talk.  This being a Sunday, I had listened to my usual two Sunday morning shows, but they end at 10 AM.

I was happy to find that WDRV had a Ten at Ten Weekend going on, where they played nothing but Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten shows and I was fortunate enough to get a mighty fine year, 1972, to listen to.  The first song he played was my all-time favorite Jim Croce song, "Operator."  That had me singing right along.

Later, it was another favorite and one that really brought back some memories, Elton John's "Rocket Man."  This one always reminds me of another road trip, my drive from the University of Georgia in Athens to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb back in 1972 to see Liz and go to the Elton John concert.    This song was really playing a lot on the radio the whole way, and, of course, he did it in concert and we were just a few rows off the stage in the old Chick Evans Field House.

I drove the "Ramblin' Wreck" as I referred to it, the '63 puke green Rambler station wagon which burned a quart of oil every 75-100 miles.  You could always tell when I was coming.  And, always prone to breaking down in those scary days before credit cards (and on my extremely limited college budget).  Took a chance, but the old car made it.

Road Music Makes It Even Better.  --RoadDog

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