Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC: Part 10 (March 23, 2014): Yorkville, Illinois

I always have to wonder about Cannonball Road north of Yorkville, Illinois.  Did they make cannonballs at some place on it?

In Yorkville now, and I no longer stop at the McDonald's on US-34 where I have stopped many times in the past to use facilities and get a bite to eat or drink.  I don't anymore as you take your life in your hands trying to turn across 34 to get back to 47.

Il-47 through downtown Yorkville looks like a war zone. It is all torn up and the small row of businesses look like they're all closed.    They have cleared the hillside on the bluff (the Fox River flows just north of the downtown) and you can now really see that impressive courthouse or church sitting on top of it.  Looks like they are going to turn the hillside into a park.

Continuing south on Il-47, I see that interesting brick and stone building which houses Berengy Auto Sales which may have been an old gas station.

A Ride Through Yorkville, Illinois.  --RoadDog

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