Monday, May 26, 2014

Indy Returned

We just got back in today from out trip to the Indianapolis 500.  Another great time which i will be writing about i  the next several weeks.

Arrived back in Round Lake at a little after noon, unloaded the RV and drove over to Terri's place to give her some Indy stuff.  I have made up my mine to enjoy the event, but not accumulate, which was a good thing as there was plenty to get.

She is a complete Indy 500 nut and has been there the last 15-18 years.  I mean, she goes to everything and stands in every line to get stuff.  Sadly, this year, she was unable to go because of a severe injury.

It just came to me that she was our Union leader on the two-month-long strike by the Round lake Education Association's two month strike back in 1994.

Hey, we have the twenty year anniversary of that horrible event coming up in October!!


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