Saturday, May 3, 2014

2013 Wisconsin Act 20: Making Racine's Kringle the State's Official Pastry

This act designated the kringle as the state pastry.  The kringles a flaky dough pastry that can be filled with fruit, nuts or other fillings and baked with icing.

The proposal was supported by the City of Racine (Big Surprise there) as they are a mass producer of the pastry.

This is one thing both Republicans and democrats can agree on.  But, back in 2012, a movement to make the Cream Puff the official state pastry died in General Assembly.

It was made official Sunday, July 1, 2013, when Governor Scott Walker signed the state budget.

Personally, I'd Make Both the Kringle and Cream Puff As Co-State Pastries.  --RoadDog

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