Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Color Around Here Finally Arrived

This has been quite a strange fall as far as the color of the leaves is concerned. Some trees already turned and are bare, still others haven't even started to turn yet. However, the mass of them are now in full color. I read in the Tribune that the warm fall in the early going delayed the turning. And, we did have a spell of frost in the mornings. That always brings it on.

This is at least two weeks after when it usually happens, but tomorrow we plan to take full advantage of it and take a cruise through the countryside. And, after all, Da Bears don't play until Monday night.

Our subdivision is beautiful, plus Grasslake Road from State Park Road to the bridge is amazing.

I'd say Geneva Lake is in the plans for this coming week.

Enjoying It While We Can. --RoadDog

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