Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NIU Homecoming-- Part 5: Tailgating and the Prez

Continued from November 13th. //// We found out that the store in the Barsema Alumni Center was having technical difficulties with their cash register and wouldn't open for awhile, so we took a walk around the alumni tailgating area. All sorts of the schools had tents with free food, pop and were giving away free NIU stuff. All things that I really like. //// First stop was the NIU Alumni tent and then the College of Education. Ran into Terri who is our contact at Northern for our education scholarship and she took us over and introduced us to NIU's new president, Doug Baker. He is a very approachable man and had pictures taken. I think he will continue the great job Dr. Peters did before him. //// Went back to the Barsema Center a couple times and on the third, saw the store was open. I immediately went in and spent $30 for the book, but unfortunately, Dan, the author, had left by then so I didn't get it signed. //// Disappointed, we walked over to the stadium and picked up our will call tickets then went over to the huge Fatty's tent where a band was playing and had a couple brews before game time. ---RoadDog

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