Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NC Bound-- Thanksgiving 2013: Driving Down the Road and Road Music, Nov. 21st

Last minute packing and had to get a gallon of gas to mix with two-stage oil for the snowblower and fire it up, just in case of snow while I was gone. It fired up. Lots and lots of smoke, though. Drove to Woodstock, Illinois, and picked up Il-47 south. //// Enjoyed listening to the Drive's A to Z along the way, first on 96.9 FM and then 97.1 FM. The two stations siulcast. Those songs are the way to travel, starting with TUNNEL OF LOVE by Bruce Springsteen. ///// And then: TURN IT ON AGAIN (LIVE)-- Genesis // TURN ME LOOSE-- Loverboy // TURN THE PAGE-- Bob Seger // TURN TO STONE-- ELO. //// And, That's Just to Get Going. --RoadDog

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