Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ten Tips for Avoiding Speeding Tickets-- Part 2

Continued from Nov. 13th. ////4. KEEP QUIET. Present your license, registration and insurance card. Be polite but don't answer anything else. Don't swear at the officer or be confrontational. //// 5. FIGHT EVERY TICKET in court. //// 6. Check for TECHNICAL CALIBRATION OF THE RADAR.Check the MANUAL on UNIFORM TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE. Make sure the speed limit signs are up to code. //// 8. The JUDGE is not there to find you not guilty. They are a part of the revenue collection machine. Give them a reason to find you not guilty. Ask your arresting officers questions in court. //// 9. Get a FRIEND in your local police department. //// Pressure your STATE REPRESENTATIVE to stop federal and state incentives for speeding tickets. //// "Hey Judge, Old Buddy, Old Pal." as Jerry Reed Said. --RoadDog

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